Saturday, January 31, 2015

Object Motion Track and More

Finally got OMT working with some help.  The Plugin can record, play, save waypoints and more.

I wanted to add an instruction mode and replay mode. Finally its possible.
Buying it was worth every penny. I am thinking about an Rewind feature. Not sure if it will work out i need to record then the animation state too.
There is the link to the assets store if anyone is interested:

This weekend i have alot of plan. I am going to an new blog about an other game too. Its almost done.

The Gizmos shows which turns get recorded for example.

Take care....

Friday, January 30, 2015

Inventory System more fixes

The game is right now playable. I started around 5-6 months ago with tuts on an
inventory system. Right now its the third version and i am using now a plugin base on the old tut.

Overall i am not satisfied. Its was stupid to put an complex system for an simple idea. Project management was not my strength.

An small idea endup in an complex game. Procedural gen maybe gets in.

There are some plugins like ProD etc. somehow its too complex and i dont know if i can get it working with my game.

I am planning to release an PC version too.

got working stacking for potions and working on the potions overall.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Been awhile

Not the best start but i keep working on game. I still hope i can reach my target deadline end Feb for the release but need more content and some new themes.

Its been a hard developing so far. Its almost impossible to finish this game alone.
I really ambitions with features and gameplay and that cost me more time then expected.